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Apron Mimosa - Lemons

by Lavida
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Bright, lovely and desirable, the Apron Mimosa is certainly one of those products which you really should buy as many cartons of as you can while it is still in stock! Buying it right now might turn out to be your best shopping decision throughout this week as your customers are certain to love the design. It is made through the use of premium quality polyester material.

The Apron Mimosa is the perfect apron which would accurately reflect the elegant personality and preference of the users. The apron is made in a dimension which measures 68 centimetres in length and 80 centimetres in width.Size: 68x80cm

This makes it perfect for use by small and average sized persons as it would appeal to chefs, hosts, hostesses and even restaurant attendants. The front part of this apron is ornamented by the use of the enigmatic sleeping tree, the mimosa plant which is artfully depicted using bright colours of mint green and orange hue over a pristine white background.

  •  Material: Polyester
  • Size: 68x80cm