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Seasons Glass Wall Art set of 4

by Dasch
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A set of four stylish wall art images, crafted from glass, features a captivating portrayal of a tree evolving through the four seasons. This unique artwork distinguishes itself by the method of printing directly onto the glass surface.

The sepia-toned tree, meticulously rendered, exudes both beauty and a subtle, eerie charm. The sepia tones contribute to its allure, infusing a vintage quality into the visual narrative. T

he glass medium imparts a contemporary touch, allowing light to interact dynamically with the images. Each season unfolds with precision, from the blossoms of spring to the lushness of summer, the warmth of autumn, and the stark elegance of winter.

This artful blend of material and craftsmanship not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also invites contemplation on the cyclical nature of life, encapsulating the essence of each season within a compact and visually striking composition.

  • Product Material: 70% Glass, 30% Pp Paper
  • Size: 56 x 17 x 57cm